20240305_Joint School English Language Speaking Mock Practice

Joint School Speaking Practice



The 'Joint School Speaking Practice' activity brought together teachers and students from Kowloon Technical School, Lung Cheung Government Secondary School (Host), and Jockey Club Government Secondary School. With a total of 14 teachers and 56 students participating, the event aimed to enhance speaking skills and foster collaboration among students from different schools.


The practice received positive feedback from the participants. Over 70% of the participants agreed that the practice helped improve their speaking skills, indicating that the activity effectively fulfilled its intended purpose. Additionally, over 80% of the participants agreed that the practice was helpful in boosting their confidence when speaking with unfamiliar people, highlighting the positive impact of the activity on their self-assurance.


Furthermore, 77.6% of the participants stated that the feedback received during the practice helped them improve their speaking skills. This indicates that the constructive feedback provided by teachers and peers during the activity was valuable in facilitating growth and development in the participants' communication abilities.


The survey also revealed several key takeaways and lessons learned from the practice. Participants expressed that through the practice, they became aware of their weaknesses and felt less nervous when speaking English. The evaluations from teachers gave them more confidence in the upcoming HKDSE examination. Additionally, participants mentioned that they became aware of their grammar mistakes and learned how to improve, while also gaining insights into the perspectives and experiences shared by teachers and students from other schools.


Overall, the 'Joint School Speaking Practice' activity was a valuable experience for the students involved. It provided an opportunity for them to improve their speaking skills, develop their confidence in speaking English, and learn from their peers and other teachers. By engaging in group discussions and individual responses, the students were able to enhance their communication and critical thinking abilities. The event also fostered camaraderie and collaboration among students and teachers from different schools, promoting a sense of unity and shared learning.